Civil War Essay Topics

50 Civil War Essay Topics for Simple Writing

The civil war was a major turning point in the history of the US. It’s not something that can be dismissed and every history teacher makes their students write a paper on it. This is why we’ve collected 50 essay topics about civil war!

If you’re having any trouble choosing which topic to discuss, you can relax! Just pick one of the essay topics that we provide!

Some Background on the Civil War

The Civil War was extremely important to the development of the US. It defined what kind of a nation it would ultimately end up. All the freedoms, equality, and togetherness in America – it all comes from the military conflict.

Due to this reason, the subject offers a lot of options for inspiration. You can choose a very specific topic, like details of some battle. Alternatively, you can pick a broader topic. In any case, there are many interesting aspects and topics to the conflict, which are placed below.

How to Select the Best Civil War Essay Topic

Picking the best topic isn’t hard at all! If you don’t know how to approach this task, here a small guide to quickly pick an essay:

  • Go through all of the ideas on the civil war in the list.
  • Consider which aspect of the conflict interests you the most.
  • Pick out related subjects and briefly research them.
  • If you see a lot of information – choose this idea.

If you follow these steps, you’re guaranteed to have no problems as you pick your topic. Additionally, it should alleviate some of the difficulty of writing out the essay topic, because you’ll have many sources.

List of Civil War Essay Topics: 30 Best Ideas

Here are the top essay topic ideas on the civil war. You can pick just about any topic and be sure that your teacher will be satisfied with the essay.

  1. Analyze the human assets of both sides initially.
  2. Which beneficial factors both of the sides had in the Civil War.
  3. Recognize the inventions and tech advancements influencing the war’s outcome.
  4. What were the most defining situations of the war?
  5. How governance on both sides led to the historical end result.
  6. What were the main reasons behind fighting the Confederate and Union?
  7. What were the losses in the war for the North and South?
  8. Measure the degree to which the problem reunited the nation.
  9. What were the differences in the commanding styles of Lee and Grant?
  10. How mobilization went through for the South and North.
  11. Positional and geographical advantages each side had initially.
  12. Napoleonic warfare and how it was implemented during the Civil War.
  13. What medicine was available during the time of the military conflict.
  14. For what reasons did the sides, coming from the same society, turned to military actions?
  15. South was doomed to fail from the start due to its smaller population and industrial output.
  16. Was politics the only reason behind the military quarrel?
  17. What were the main lessons learned from the first battle of First Bull Run?
  18. Why was the North initially failing to match the South in battle?
  19. How essential lines of communication were to the South’s initial wins in battles?
  20. How did the Minie-ball gun help “Stonewall” Jackson to implement a simple tactic?
  21. How old battle tactics led to mass deaths on the field?
  22. Why were the officers on both sides refusing to update their commanding styles?
  23. How did the new weapons affect a simple soldier on the field?
  24. How were the Minie-ball guns initially received by the higher-ranking military men?
  25. Contrast the generalship of McClellan and Lee during Eastern Theater in 1862.
  26. Why did McClellan‘s Peninsula Campaign fail?
  27. What military issues did Lincoln have to contend with?
  28. The move towards total war in 1863.
  29. Would Confederates ever be able to find the decisive battle they wanted for independence?
  30. How was the Union able to prevent the total destruction of its army during Chancellorsville?

10 Civil War Essay Questions for Your Checklist

Need a direct question for an essay topic? Here are 10 more ideas to elaborate on.

  1. What was Abraham Lincoln’s Role?
  2. How rapid industrialization influence the conflict?
  3. What were the main public opinions on the reasons for warfare at the time?
  4. Was the secession and election of 1860 legal from both points of view?
  5. How was the Declaration of Independence understood by the North and the South?
  6. What did people think of the slaveholding phenomenon in the Union and Confederacy?
  7. How did anti- and pro-slavery forces cooperate before the confrontation?
  8. What pacts allowed the North to work with the South for some time before?
  9. What was the reason for Southerners to secede exactly after Lincoln’s election to the office?
  10. Who were the main persons behind compromises on slavery issues?

10 Civil War Essay Ideas for Efficient Writing

Lastly, here are essay topics on the civil war that have a lot of materials to research. These topics are quite discussed, so it should make your civil war essay writing easier.

  1. Did Lincoln’s views on slavery change as the conflict continue?
  2. What was the most prominent abolitionist and what did they want to form Lincoln?
  3. Did the abolition movement have an international influence on slavery?
  4. How did border states play into the outcome of the conflict?
  5. Why were both sides initially thinking that the quarrel will actually carry no death toll?
  6. The role of women in military actions?
  7. Did the conflict influence how women were viewed in society?
  8. What were the internal divisions in both the South and North ranks?
  9. What was Lincoln’s main aim for his presidency?
  10. How historically important is the Emancipation Proclamation document?

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