Biology Essay Topics

50 Biology Essay Topics for Flawless Writing

Biology is a big and extensive field. There are many options when it comes to picking a topic for an essay. So much so that you can get lost in all the different possibilities! If you feel like you can’t come up with anything good, don’t worry, because we can help!

We’ve surfed the Internet for ideas and dove into piles of biology books – all to produce awesome biology topics. We’ve put all our ideas into a list, so all that’s needed from you is settling down on one topic.

How to Select the Best Biology Essay Topic?

You can approach the task of picking a biology essay topic in several ways. However, the following steps are the most effective methodology for choosing a biology essay topic.

Review the Essay Assignment Specifications

Firstly, you must ensure that you know all the assignment details that your tutor gave you! Read into it. This way, you’re not setting yourself up for failure later on. Redoing the biology essay, because you chose the wrong topic – is at the very least frustrating.

Get Acquainted with the Essay Topics

Read through the list of biology essay topics below! However, don’t just quickly run through them, instead, analyze each one. Consider which ones draw you most and which ones make you disinterested. Those essay topics that inspire you the most should be your top choices.

Research the Liked Essay Topics

Now, search through the web for available sources on the biology essay topics you liked. No need to review each source in great detail, just briefly see how much you’re able to find. Executing this step will help you pick the best biology essay specifically for yourself!

Just Pick One!

At last, there’s not much to

At last, there’s not much to do but pick a biology topic for your essay. Your choice should base off (1) how much the essay topic interests you and (2) how easy you can research it! Performing the described steps sets you up for success as you’ll be writing the paper.

List of Biology Essay Topics: 15 BEST Ideas

Want a “safe bet” of a biology essay topic? Then consider choosing the prompts below!

  1. The importance of discovering penicillin for the future of biomedicine.
  2. Coronavirus isn’t a lab-created disease but a naturally originated one.
  3. With Ebola cases showing up again, do we have enough understanding of it to fight it?
  4. Neurobiology and reliability of long-term memory.
  5. Living forever? Existing animals that can potentially live forever.
  6. The most widespread plant diseases in the US: how to keep any plant healthy.
  7. Transplantation: what makes it possible, outcomes, possible side effects.
  8. The pros and cons of having stable body temperature for mammals.
  9. The pros and cons of outside-factor-affected body temperature for mammals.
  10. Homosexuality in animals: the differences in different species.
  11. How can being overweight entirely rely on the person’s genetics?
  12. History of biology with critical milestones.
  13. Incest: a biological look at the phenomenon.
  14. Can wild animals be domesticated in the short term? Why not?
  15. The updated theses on the origination of humankind.

10 Biology Essay Questions for Self-Check

Do you need precise questions to stimulate your composition abilities? In that case, here are 10 great questions!

  1. Will we ever be able to create perfect 1-for-1 match clones?
  2. How does the gender of a child gets decided during the pregnancy stage?
  3. What are the different solutions for pregnancy in the animal kingdom?
  4. What unique species preside in Amazon rainforests?
  5. How do animals living under the sea survive radical environmental changes?
  6. In what way does the fashion industry influence animals around the world?
  7. How do we employ biology to increase food production?
  8. What are the different camouflage mechanisms in the animal kingdom?
  9. Which diets are the most beneficial to modern cats?
  10. What are the main points of Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest?

10 Biology Essay Ideas to Elaborate On

In this section, you’ll find essay topics on biology that you can play around with. Get creative with the following points.

  1. Whale killing is affecting the marine ecosystem in a major way.
  2. The main cancer-inducing factors from the environment.
  3. Which human-synthesized chemicals that are used daily are the most cancer-inducing?
  4. The times when biology was actually the reason for people’s illnesses.
  5. How does natural selection work? – Provided examples.
  6. Just how effective is the human immune system at fighting diseases?
  7. HIV: a detailed look at what happens when our immune system doesn’t work at all.
  8. Successful rehabilitation rates after organ transplantation.
  9. The negative effects that stress has on our bodies and brains.
  10. The available theories on the evolution of life on Earth.

15 Bonus Essay Topics About Biology

Still haven’t found anything engaging enough? Check out our bonus 15 topics!

  1. When drugs are rejected by a body – an in-depth study.
  2. How do plants fight diseases?
  3. The vaccine framework: how does it all work?
  4. Invasive plants – are they bad environmentally?
  5. How does photosynthesis happen?
  6. How do women contraception pills negatively impact women’s bodies?
  7. Pregnancy: in what permanent and temporary ways does it change women’s physiology?
  8. How hormones can define your prevalent moods throughout your life.
  9. A new crisis approaching – increasing antibiotic resistance.
  10. Psychology and cancer: persisting depressive moods can be related to cancer.
  11. Mental health help during chemo- and radiotherapy.
  12. Organic and GMO-enhanced food: what is the real difference?
  13. Genetic diseases – is it possible to mitigate or completely eliminate them?
  14. Cosmetic operations: are they worth the risk?
  15. Neurosurgery and the biggest challenge facing this field.

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